WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vapergate | Age Verification

NOTE: Age verification is done automatically in the background when you create an account or when you place an order as a quest. You will ONLY be notified if we are unable to verify your information.

We are required by law to verify the age of all customers based on each states regulation. We use a third-party company to verify your age based on public records, public bank data, etc. There are some instances where we may not be able to verify your age automatically, in these cases, you would just need to email us with a photo ID that proves your name and age such as a Driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc. Email to: Verify@vapergate.com We can typically have you ready to go within a few minutes to a few hours, worst case.


  1. Use accurate information.
  2. If you moved within the last 3-6 months using your prior address may help!
  3. Recently Married? Try maiden name, you can update the shipping profile after its created.
  4. Use your full, legal name, Example: If you are James, don’t use Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, etc. Same if you go by a middle name, try using your true first name.

CREATE AN ACCOUNT! – Benefits of creating an account with Vapergate.com

  1. By creating an account, you pass the age verification one time, when the account is created, after that youll skip that part and go straight to ordering.
  2. Complete order history, track what you bought, the tracking info on the order, status updates and more!
  3. Get Exclusive deals and offers from Vapergate!
  4. Save time! Your account stores you address, favorite items, allowing you to get in and out quickly each time you order!

Obviously, everyone here at Vapergate.com wants the order process to be seamless and as easy as possible. We want to protect our customers as well as Vapergate, please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any help, one simple email and we can have you in your account and ordering in no time, and once you have that account, you are set for life!