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GPLAT Elite Wire

Gplat Standard is a resistance wire that has a lower ohms per foot that standard kanthal.

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Gplat Standard is a resistance wire that has a lower ohms per foot that standard kanthal. Because its more efficient, it heats up faster, cools down faster, and has a different flavor than kanthal. It is more focused and much sharper. You experience an all around better flavor. The Elite series is everything Gplat Standard is but just turned up! Even lower ohms, softer wire, and an increase in outstanding Gplat flavor. Cons? it has a lower melting temp than kanthal so you cant dry burn it for 5 seconds straight (see youtube link below for gplat builds, dry burning, and cleaning tips). Gplat is also more expensive. ....but it is a PREMIUM resistance wire that is meant to stay in your atomizer until you require a new build. The Manufacturer of the wire has not yet disclosed what the composition of what Gplat is. They have reassured me that its a 100% lead free safe to vape alloy made by vapers for vaping specifically. Due to recent events, Gplat admittedly has manganese in it. Kanthal and Nichrome ALSO have manganese in it. Manganese has a melting point of 2,275°F (1,246°C) Your coils will not reach that temperature. Below is a summary of manganese for those of you that are interested. Manganese Manganese is a pinkinsh-gray, chemically active element. It is a hard metal and is very brittle. It is hard to melt, but easily oxidized. Manganese is reactive when pure, and as a powder it will burn in oxygen, it reacts with water (it rusts like iron) and dissolves in dilute acids. Applications Manganese is essential to iron and steel production. At present steel making accounts 85% to 90% of the total demand, most of the total demand. Manganese is a key component of low-cost stainless steel formulations and certain widely used alumimum alloys. Manganese dioxide is also used as a catalyst. Manganese is used to decolorize glass and make violet coloured glass. Potassium permanganate is a potent oxidizer and used as a disinfectant. Other compound that find application are Manganese oxide (MnO) and manganese carbonate (MnCO3): the first goes into fertilizers and ceramics, the second is the starting material for making other manganese compounds. Manganese in the environment Manganese is one of the most abundant metals in soils, where it occurs as oxides and hydroxides, and it cycles through its various oxidation states. Manganese occurs principally as pyrolusite (MnO2), and to a lesser extent as rhodochrosite (MnCO3). More than 25 million tonnes are mined every year, representing 5 million tons of the metal, and reserves are estimated to exeed 3 billion tonnes of the metal. The main mining areas for manganese ores are South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Gabon and Australia. Manganese is an essential element for all species. Some organisms, such as diatoms, molluscs and sponges, accumulate manganese. Fish can have up to 5 ppm and mammals up to 3 ppm in their tissue, although normally they have around 1 ppm. Health effects of manganese Manganese is a very common compound that can be found everywhere on earth. Manganese is one out of three toxic essential trace elements, which means that it is not only necessary for humans to survive, but it is also toxic when too high concentrations are present in a human body. When people do not live up to the recommended daily allowances their health will decrease. But when the uptake is too high health problems will also occur. The uptake of manganese by humans mainly takes place through food, such as spinach, tea and herbs. The foodstuffs that contain the highest concentrations are grains and rice, soya beans, eggs, nuts, olive oil, green beans and oysters. After absorption in the human body manganese will be transported through the blood to the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas and the endocrine glands. Read more: http://www.lenntech.com/periodic/elements/mn.htm#ixzz36NpTzS80 ***USE AT YOUR OWN RISK*** Vapinology LLC or Vapergate (Yoshicon LLC) will not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this product to either the user or devices used. This product is intended for advanced vapors with extensive knowledge of ohm's law, resistance, battery limitations, mechanical mods, and regulated mods. Please only use 30A batteries.
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