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Fruit Punch
80/20 VG/PG

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Medley of 14 Tropical Fruit Flavors resulting in delicious Punch of flavor
Customer Reviews (9)
Great Juice!
Immediate happiness upon first rip! Review by MoMo (Posted on 6/7/2018)
I've tried fruit punches from other brands, and they are always too harsh on my throat. But Donkey, at 1.5mg is absolutely smooth, with very minimal throat hit, and I am super excited about this one. Flavor is amazing, with not one flavor overpowering any other, well balanced, and ever so slightly tart. Sweetness is just right too. Keep up the good work Vapergate. Like all of the other juices from you, they really seem to be top notch and top quality. Review by Phillip (Posted on 2/9/2018)
Lovely Surprise
I first got my hands on this fluid when I went looking for Smurf, and the store didn't have it but they said that they recommended this fluid by vapergate the same company that made Smurf. When I took it home and put it in my tank, I was so pleasantly surprised at the different flavors that all came together to make this fruit punch such a lovely miasma of different fruity flavors without it being overly sickly sweet and fake tasting! Donkey is definitely worth checking out and it's definitely a nice, fresh, crisp flavor for anyone who wants something to clear the palate and give you a nice spring taste! Review by Dark Angel (Posted on 11/6/2017)
The Best
I’ve tried many brands’ versions of fruit punch and most of them are overly strong with just too “heavy” a flavor and not at all balanced.

Vapergate has perfectly crafted the punch flavor with Donkey. It’s fruity but not overpowering. Each fruit flavor blends in naturally to create a very refreshing and unique juice. There isn’t just one or two fruits that take center stage like most of its competition.

It’s one of a kind, but somehow familiar. It’s hard to nail down all the flavors , but who cares, it’s so deliciously addictive!
Review by D (Posted on 10/9/2017)
Delicious flavor
I love this juice. Very close 2nd to Crystal Smurf. The flavor to me tastes like a handful of gummy bears. Review by Neonknight (Posted on 7/5/2017)
Staple juice
I can vape this juice all day , I also use it to sweeten other juices. Most I vape Smurf and donkey and often mix the two . Review by Detroitvapor (Posted on 6/8/2017)
Best fruit juice vape
I've tried lots of fruit juice vapes and this is by far the best. My favorite on the Vapergate lineup since they discontinued Legacy. Review by e50 (Posted on 6/5/2017)
This is the best juice I have indulged in through my entire time vaping. Delicious fruit taste but so smooth at the same time. Absolute favorite. Review by Lpz (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Most unique fruit punch
Other than why have you not tried this yet what is there to say????? Review by Adam (Posted on 4/13/2017)
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